Lawrence W. Reed



Lawrence W. ReedLawrence W. (“Larry”) Reed became president of FEE in 2008, after serving as chairman of its board of trustees in the 1990s and both writing and speaking for FEE since the late 1970s. Prior to becoming FEE’s president, he served for twenty years as president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan. He also taught Economics full-time from 1977 to 1984 at Northwood University in Michigan and chaired its Department of Economics from 1982 to 1984.

He holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Grove City College (1975) and an M.A. degree in History from Slippery Rock State University (1978), both in Pennsylvania. He holds two honorary doctorates, one from Central Michigan University (Public Administration—1993) and Northwood University (Laws—2008).

A champion for liberty, Reed has authored over 1,000 newspaper columns and articles, dozens of articles in magazines and journals in the U. S. and abroad. His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Baltimore Sun, Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, among many others. “He has authored or co-authored seven books, including “A Republic—If We Can Keep It,” “Striking the Root: Essays on Liberty,” “The Great Hope,” and “Are We Good Enough For Liberty?” He is frequently interviewed on radio talk shows and has appeared as a guest on numerous television programs, including those anchored by Judge Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel on FOX Business News.

Reed has delivered at least 75 speeches annually in the past 30 years—in virtually every state and dozens of countries from Bulgaria to China to Bolivia. His best-known lectures include “Seven Principles of Sound Policy” and “Great Myths of the Great Depression”—both of which have been translated into more than a dozen languages and distributed worldwide.

His interests in political and economic affairs have taken him as a freelance journalist to 81 countries on six continents. He is a member of the prestigious Mont Pelerin Society and an advisor to numerous organizations around the world. He served for 15 years as a member of the board (and one term as president) of the State Policy Network. His numerous recognitions include the “Champion of Freedom” award from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the “Distinguished Alumni” award from Grove City College.

He is a native of Pennsylvania and a 30-year resident of Michigan, and now resides in Newnan, Georgia.


Max Borders

Director of Content

Max Borders is editor of The Freeman magazine and director of content for The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). He is also author of Superwealth: Why we should stop worrying about the gap between rich and poor. A writer and innovator with a decade of experience in the non-profit world, Max works daily towards a condition of peace, freedom and abundance for all people.

Lauren Hicks

Administrative and Finance Associate

Lauren Hicks is a Communications graduate from Berry College. During her time there, she dabbled in just about every class she could take and soon found a passion for the business aspect of things. She has a fierce love for all things organized and efficient. Lauren believes in keeping a detailed calendar, making lists and keeping order. She is excited to lend her talents to help promote FEE's mission by keeping the office up and running.



Chuck Grimmett

Director of Web Media

Chuck is a graduate of Hillsdale College, where he studied mathematics, economics, and was the photo editor of the college paper. He was a two-time intern at FEE before joining the staff. Chuck loves to kayak, hike, read, and cook. When not running FEE’s digital media, he is a paleo diet blogger and a freelance photographer.

Jason Kelly

Web and Social Media Associate

Jason Kelly is a graduate of Hillsdale College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, magna cum laude, and worked as a student technication in his college's Information Technology department. Before joining FEE, Jason interned at the Mercatus Center and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. In his free time, he loves rooting on his favorite sports teams, reading, and visiting new places.


Carrie Leggins

Alumni Relations Associate

Carrie Leggins is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science & International Affairs. Her past work experience includes positions at the John W. Pope Civitas Institute and Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, and she has been promoting free market ideas since first being exposed to them in college. In her spare time, she enjoys taking trips to the beach, cooking, and playing lots of trivia. Carrie is eager to begin her career in advancing liberty and is excited about her role at FEE.



Richard Lorenc

Director of Programs & Alumni Relations

Richard Lorenc is the Director of Programs & Alumni Relations at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). Founded in 1946, FEE inspires, educates, and connects future leaders with the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society. In this role, Lorenc oversees FEE's educational programs for high school and college students, including the summer seminar series.

Lorenc serves on the board of directors of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, an advocacy group dedicated to limiting federal spending through programs such as the "Reject the Debt" anti-spending pledge. He is also a member of the Leadership Committee of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry.

Lorenc is an alumnus of the Charles Koch Institute's Liberty@Work program, a professional development program focused on the practice of Market-Based Management®. Additionally, he is the former Director of Outreach of the Illinois Policy Institute, and has served as Senior Advisor to America’s Future Foundation, where he expanded leadership development programs for young professional conservatives and libertarians to 12 cities. Recently, he led website development for Truth in Accounting’s State Data Lab, a tool that empowers citizens, journalists, and legislators with information on the true financial conditions of the 50 states.

Lorenc's writing has been published in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Huffington Post, Daily Caller and others. He is a graduate of Emory University and lives in Atlanta.


Jonathan Moody

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jonathan Moody is FEE’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. In this role, he serves as a liaison between the organization and its investors and partners across the country and directs the overall development operation. Jonathan joined FEE after spending more than four years at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Washington, D.C., where he started out in their policy department and then served as their Director of Donor Relations. He also participated in the Koch Associate Program (2008-2009), a year-long non-profit management and economics program, while serving at ALEC. Prior to joining ALEC, he worked for the American Conservative Union, where he first served as their Finance Assistant and then as Director of Membership. Additionally, he has done freelance fundraising work for political candidates, as well as the America’s Future Foundation (AFF). Jonathan has a passion for seeing young people become excited about economic freedom and also enjoys skiing and playing the guitar. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Esther, and their two-year old son, David, who is already destined to give his statist college professors a very hard time someday.

Sara Morrison

High School Programs Manager

Sara is an economics graduate from Berry College where she worked as the executive editor of the Undergraduate Business and Economics Research Journal for two years.  In addition to her studies, she ran on the cross country and track team at Berry for four years and spent her summers at Strong Rock Camp as a counselor and Program Director. 





Michael Nolan

Managing Editor, The Freeman &

Michael Nolan has been managing editor of The Freeman,, and other FEE publications since 2008. He used to write textbooks in Asia. Before that, he went to Hillsdale College, and he could tell you some stories.

Carl Oberg

Chief Operating Officer

After receiving his BA from American University in Washington, DC, Carl spent ten years working his way through the federal government bureaucracy with occasional stops as a “beltway bandit” in the defense industry. During this time he traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and learned “how the sausage is made” when it comes to international trade policy. A decade of government work eventually turned Carl into a strong libertarian and an enemy of coercion. In December 2007, Carl left the government and entered the graduate program in Economics at George Mason. During his education, he was also an intern at the Cato Institute and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Upon graduation in May 2009 Carl entered the Koch Associate Program, a non-profit management program, while working at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation as a state policy writer. In June 2010, he was lucky enough to meet Larry Reed and be offered the position of Executive Director at the Foundation for Economic Education. The rest of the story is still in progress. Carl and his wife Caren live in Atlanta, GA. They own a tremendous cat named Shisha and a cute puppy named Ginny. Carl is a brewer and a baker. There are no plans for candlestick making at this time.

Wayne Olson

Executive Director

Wayne is 26-year veteran of the financial services sector, spending 18 years at Credit Suisse and its predecessor firm, The First Boston Corporation, in various executive roles. He brings significant management experience on both revenue-generating and support functions. Throughout his career, his primary focus has been new product development and marketing, which will be a top priority at FEE.

Cameron Sorsby

Donor Relations Coordinator

Cameron Sorsby is the Donor Relations Coordinator at the Foundation for Economic Education. He received his bachelor's degree in Political Science from College of Charleston in 2013. He also served as the South Carolina Campus Coordinator for Students For Liberty and was a co-founder of the CofC Young Americans for Liberty chapter. Cameron has interned for the Institute for Humane Studies and participated in the Koch Internship Program in the summer of 2012. When not advancing liberty among young people, Cameron enjoys playing golf and living the southern lifestyle here in Atlanta.


Meeka Etienne

Spring Program Associate

Meeka Etienne is currently a Spring Program Associate here at FEE, as well as a FEE Alumnus. She completed an Associate degree in Economics at the Dominica State College, and then pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics at the University of South Florida. After graduating summa cum laude in May 2013, she undertook a three month internship in Dominica with Junior Achievement, an international non-profit organization. There she enjoyed being part of a team, which helps empower young entrepreneurs on the island to own their economic success. Ultimately, she intends to pursue a career in international law and advocate for human rights and economic development in less developed countries. 
In her spare time she enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures, singing, and playing tennis.

Michelle Montalvo

Spring Program Associate

Michelle Montalvo is an undergraduate at Temple University where she is pursuing a BA in Communications with a minor in Political Science. In addition to her work as a Spring Programs Associate at FEE, she is a Campus Coordinator for Students for Liberty and an active participant in campaigns and elections throughout Philadelphia, working most recently as an assistant for the Office of Philadelphia City Commissioners.



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