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Free Men for Better Job Performance, Part II

Employee Liberty Is Key to Maximum Productivity

JULY 01, 2007 by C.L. DICKINSON

Recognizing the employee as a tenant with a contract to utilize his own property (skills, talents, etc.) to increase the productivity and enhance the value of the employer's property certainly is not the view now prevailing of the employer-employee relationship.


Free Men for Better Job Performance ~ Part I

Man Has Property Rights in His Skills, Experience, and Character

JUNE 01, 2007 by C.L. DICKINSON

American industry and its managements have been the world's leaders in management techniques and in productive efficiency. However, there are signs that this leadership may be slipping. Most companies are experiencing Parkinsonism in a mild if not severe form. Decentralization and other techniques have neglected the consideration of individual employees and their ownership and control of the faculties for which they were employed.


July/August 2014

The United States' corporate tax burden is the highest in the world, but innovators will always find a way to duck away from Uncle Sam's reach. Doug Bandow explains how those with the means are renouncing their citizenship in increasing numbers, while J. Dayne Girard describes the innovative use of freeports to shield wealth from the myriad taxes and duties imposed on it as it moves around the world. Of course the politicians brand all of these people unpatriotic, hoping you won't think too hard about the difference between the usual crony-capitalist suspects and the global creative elite that have done so much to improve our lives. In a special tech section, Joseph Diedrich, Thomas Bogle, and Matthew McCaffrey look at various ways these innovators add value to our lives--even in ways they probably never expected.
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