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The Farm Bill Lavishes Cash on Upper-Income Farmers

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There Is No Economic, Legal, or Ethical Reason to Compensate Those Who Have Benefited from a Government-Enforced Cartel

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Consumer Information and the Calculation Debate

Government Cannot Determine the Most Appropriate Amount of Information

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Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastic: The Environmental Triumph of High Yield Farming

High Yield Agriculture and Free Trade Best Protect Human Health and Environmental Resources

JANUARY 01, 1996 by E.C. PASOUR
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September 2014

For centuries, hierarchical models dominated human organizations. Kings, warlords, and emperors could rally groups--but also oppress them. Non-hierarchical forms of organization, though, are increasingly defining our lives. It's no secret how this shift has benefited our social lives, including dating, and it's becoming more commonplace even in the corporate world. But it has also now come even to organizations bent on domination rather than human flourishing, as the Islamic State shows. If even destructive groups rely on this form of entrepreneurial organization, then hierarchy's time could truly be coming to an end.
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