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Razing the Bar
The bar exam protects a cartel of lawyers, not their clients

The burden of the bar exam falls disproportionately on low-income earners and ethnic minorities who lack the ability to pay for law school or to assume heavy debts to earn a law degree.

Economics as a Hard Science
Creating wealth is reckoning with entropy

Modern economic activity is more complex than the fires burned by primitive man, but both activities still hinge on the thermodynamic fundamentals of heat and entropy.

Freedom of Disassociation: Indiana Edition
Repugnance does not justify state coercion

Whether it's repugnance at people's religious beliefs or repugnance at the thought of two people of the same sex being married, such an emotion does not suffice to trump fundamental freedoms.

Profiles In Exceptionalism: Gordon Moore

The man who helped create modern computing and the modern age

Loans, Tuition, and the Disease of Government
How government intervention is destroying higher ed

Government acts as if a college degree causes, rather than results from, success.

For the Kids — and for Profit
The business of education beats the bureaucracy of schooling

Small private schools are already educating many of the poorest children in the developing world -- and a big profit-seeking company is about to give them a run for their money.

Higher Education’s Moral Monsters
Are economics majors antisocial?

Question-begging studies about the relative morality of economics students are so fraught with flaws, even a student of literature can spot the problems.

The Night Thresher

The spotlights create a glowing dome of feed cornand if not for the highway to the east zippering up

The Costs of Hysteria
How economists are misleading the public on climate-change policy

It is understandable that noneconomists would fail to employ marginal analysis and would engage in overblown rhetoric when discussing something as controversial as climate-change policy. However, too many professional economists have fallen into this bad habit.

Will President Rand Be Good for Liberty?
History and politics are impossible to predict

Everything we know about government suggests that the presidency is not the way to enhance liberty.

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