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I don't believe in omens, nor fearforeboding signs. No poisons or lies

Earth Day: 22 Ways to Think about the Climate-Change Debate
Reasoned agnosticism is a welcome antidote to hysteria

Those with a reasoned agnosticism about climate change will find themselves in debate with the Climate Orthodoxy. No one should sally forth into this hostile territory without reason and reflection.

The Economics of Karaoke (and Other Necessities)
Even sticker shock can reveal something about scarcity

Market prices themselves aren't bad -- they are simply messengers conveying underlying facts about scarcity.

An Austrian Economist in France Speaks Out
An interview with Pascal Salin

Most people in France believe market deficiencies cause crises like those of 2008. But people like Pascal Salin are providing an antidote in Austrian business cycle theory.

On the Centennial of the Birth of a Giant
John James Cowperthwaite (April 25, 1915–January 21, 2006)

I suggest April 25 as Cowperthwaite Day, to be observed on every continent by men and women who revere the blessings of a free economy and the courage of those who work to put it in practice.

The Incoherence of the Mixed Economy
Collectivism is at least coherent and consistent

One thing the free market and collectivism have in common is logical coherence. But what does this mean for the mixed economy?

Predatory Boards and Workers without Rights
Current labor law imposes unwanted representation on an unwilling membership

Throughout the United States, workers are trying to escape labor unions, but the federal government denies them any right of exit.

Razing the Bar
The bar exam protects a cartel of lawyers, not their clients

The burden of the bar exam falls disproportionately on low-income earners and ethnic minorities who lack the ability to pay for law school or to assume heavy debts to earn a law degree.

Economics as a Hard Science
Creating wealth is reckoning with entropy

Modern economic activity is more complex than the fires burned by primitive man, but both activities still hinge on the thermodynamic fundamentals of heat and entropy.

Freedom of Disassociation: Indiana Edition
Repugnance does not justify state coercion

Whether it's repugnance at people's religious beliefs or repugnance at the thought of two people of the same sex being married, such an emotion does not suffice to trump fundamental freedoms.

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