March 2004

March 2004

Volume 54, 2004


F. A. Hayek and The Road to Serfdom: A Sixtieth-Anniversary Appreciation

Hayek's Work Stemmed the Tide Toward Totalitarian Collectivism
MARCH 01, 2004 by

The Collectivist Paradox

Collectivist Systems Require One Individual to Make Key Decisions
MARCH 01, 2004 by

Decency Requires a Minimum-Wage Law?

Proponents of Minimum-Wage Laws Commit Logical, Economic and Moral Fallacies
MARCH 01, 2004 by

The Defense of Our Civilization Against Intellectual Error

Harmful Teachings Are Often Inspired by Very Noble Ideals
MARCH 01, 2004 by

The Awesome Powers of Government

The Contrast Between Government and Business Power Is Striking
MARCH 01, 2004 by

The New World of Blogs

Blogs Provide a Universe of Experts on Every Imaginable Topic
MARCH 01, 2004 by

A Museum You Don't Want to Miss

Communism's Terrible Record Must be Documented and Displayed
MARCH 01, 2004

More than 150 years ago Karl Marx predicted that communism was inevitable. History, he claimed, was marching inexorably toward a communist paradise. In hindsight it would appear that if anything about communism was inevitable, it was that it would sooner or later be relegated to the status of museum relic. In the capital city of a formerly communist country in eastern Europe, that's exactly what has happened.

Book Reviews - March 2004

MARCH 01, 2004 by

Westerns and Property Rights

Private Property Rights Allow Peaceful Coexistence of Competing Land Uses
MARCH 01, 2004 by

Watering the Tree

Doting Too Much on the Weak Creates Helplessness
MARCH 01, 2004 by
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