March 2007

March 2007

Volume 57, 2007


The Cost of the Federal Government in a Freer America

The Vast Majority of Federal Government Programs Are Unnecessary
MARCH 01, 2007 by

Extortion in Port Chester

JANUARY 05, 2007 by

Raising the Minimum Wage Will Do No Harm?

Tampering with prices is no way to help people.
MARCH 01, 2007 by

A Tribute to a Polish Hero

Polish Writer Stanislaw Lem Found Creative Ways to Resist Totalitarianism
MARCH 01, 2007 by

On Not Admitting Error

Drug Prohibitionists Are Blinded by Their Reformist Zeal
MARCH 01, 2007 by

Death by Public Works

Government Negligence Killed 256 Men in a 1935 New Deal Project in the Florida Keys
MARCH 01, 2007 by

Minimum Wage, Maximum Folly

Why Do Economists Support Minimum Wage Increases when They Know Better?
MARCH 01, 2007 by

At the Intersection of the Minimum Wage and Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants Working Below Minimum Wage Don't Solve the Minimum-Wage Problem
MARCH 01, 2007 by

The Economics of Property Rights

The Voluntary Transaction-Driven Evolution of Property Rights is a Hayekian Spontaneous Order
MARCH 01, 2007 by

The New Sweden

Europe Should Embrace the New Swedish Model of Liberalization
MARCH 01, 2007 by
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