The Night Thresher

APRIL 09, 2015 by

The spotlights create a glowing dome of feed corn
and if not for the highway to the east zippering up

second creation

MARCH 19, 2015 by

yes, the sculpture closed its eyes / a man a woman

The Impoverishment of Our Imagination

FEBRUARY 26, 2015 by

His operatic voice on the sidewalk
was an embarrassment.

Doina de Haiduc (“Mountain Outlaw’s Song”)

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 by

The revolutions of a leaf

turned by the wind

Love Poem in Lent

JANUARY 29, 2015 by

The sun's golden lines trill
the creek. We dig in, eat

Gulf Coast Dialogues

JANUARY 16, 2015 by

to fear leaves
lifting off the lawn this way

Next to the Compass Rose

NOVEMBER 28, 2014 by

Done, the map is obvious.
The landmarks are the only ones
we could have chosen


NOVEMBER 21, 2014 by

I lowered a box on the
machinery of the city.

In Retrospect

OCTOBER 27, 2014 by

Song harvests slow churned the breeze
with a thousand cattle calls.

Introduction to Dermatographia

OCTOBER 20, 2014 by

Trace your name along my skin, it will stay there,
a red imprint called "skin writing."

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