Thorpe-Freeman Blog Contest Winners

The Free-Market and the No True Scotsman Fallacy

DECEMBER 06, 2013 by

Free-marketeers can get around the no true Scotsman fallacy by looking at an economy market-by-market, rather than aggregating everything together and slapping a label on it.

No More Magic

NOVEMBER 04, 2013 by

We must be more aware not to fall into the trap of hypostatization. Working toward a truly libertarian society requires this realization and our ceaseless efforts to promote respect for the precious natural right to self-ownership.

The Morality of Market Behavior

OCTOBER 03, 2013 by

Defenders of markets should recognize that there is a real and inevitable tension between our small group or intimate life and our lives as members of an extended but impersonal social order. This tension, in fact, provides a powerful explanation of where objections to markets arise–a misapplication of norms from small group life to extended society.

The Borg Generation – A Cold War Legacy

SEPTEMBER 03, 2013 by

It was cold and dark that early December 1982 night when stew, homemade biscuits and honey warmed the insides of five hungry, tired people. I remember it well because it was the night of my awakening; the realization that I no longer lived in my father's America.

A Short History of Freedom

AUGUST 01, 2013 by

As long as we continue the legacy of regarding the individual as under the State, whether duty bound to it or its subject in a social experiment, habeas corpus and the justice system will be viewed as nothing more than tools to be used by the state and society.

Millennials and The Beautiful City

JULY 08, 2013 by

There is a bright future ahead for America's big cities as long as the government stays out of the way.

Optimism and Despair in a World of Injustice

JUNE 03, 2013 by

Despair not, for we are slowly winning this war.