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NOVEMBER 05, 2013

Libertarians tend to be skeptical of the value of voting. But that stance could weaken the case that individuals can collaborate to solve collective-action problems.


SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

Libertarians argue amongst themselves, sure, but if we reach much the same conclusions despite our divergent perspectives, it's a sign that we're on to something.


The Case for Private Money and Free Banking

AUGUST 09, 2013

A free-banking system would incentivize banks to keep their business practices honest and avoid behavior that can damage the economy, like the recent crisis in central-banking systems did.


The Case Against Public Money

AUGUST 08, 2013

Contrary to mainstream opinion, money is not a public good whose production must be ensured by the State.


MAY 23, 2013

GDP, by itself, does not tell the whole story about economic well-being.


DECEMBER 07, 2012

Arguments that money is a creature of the State are not only wrong, they're dangerous. Alex Salter explains how, perhaps more than anything else, money is the prime example of Hayek's spontaneous orders.


OCTOBER 29, 2012

Central planning can't deliver resources efficiently because it ignores the full complexity of the price system.Alex Salter lays it out.