Arthur Foulkes

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The Magic of Free Trade

OCTOBER 22, 2012

Despite the bad rap it gets, free trade is the key to economic progress. Arthur Foulkes has the details.


Eating Disorder: How Governments Raise Food Prices

Government Interventions Infest and Choke Agriculture Markets Like Weeds
SEPTEMBER 01, 2008


Milton Friedman Is to Blame for Unsafe Food?

Krugman's Cry Understates the Market's Ability to Provide Food-Quality Assurance
OCTOBER 01, 2007


Capitalism and Democracy

NOVEMBER 01, 2006

Democracy and liberty can coexist only if public opinion favors private property rights and individual freedom over coercion.


The High Cost of Misunderstanding Gasoline Economics

Why Do Prices Rise after Disasters?
APRIL 01, 2006


Regulations Improve the Free Market?

The Source of Most "Market Failures" Can Be Traced to Government
NOVEMBER 01, 2005

Despite its remarkable record the free market remains for many people a tough sell. Even those who on balance support free enterprise hesitate to give unregulated market forces their full endorsement.


The FDA Cannot Be Reformed

More Money and Power Will Make the FDA's Problems Worse
JULY 01, 2005


Free Trade's Never-Ending Battle

SEPTEMBER 01, 2004


Fortune-Cookie Economics

The Laws of Human Action Form the True Basis of Economics
JUNE 01, 2004


Econ 101: An Austrian Economist's Dream

Human Beings Behave Purposefully
JANUARY 01, 2004


Saving Hunky Town

Savings Are Key to Increased Standards of Living
OCTOBER 01, 2003


The Individual and Society

Society Exists to Serve Individuals—Not the Other Way Around
SEPTEMBER 01, 2003


The Economics of Smoking Bans

Restaurant and Bar Owners Should Have the Freedom to Determine Smoking Policies
JULY 01, 2003


A Ton of Prevention: How the FDA Threatens Vaccine Supplies

FDA Regulations Make Vaccines Scarce
MARCH 01, 2003


University Economics versus Austrian Economics

The Austrian School's Clear Association with Deductive Reasoning and Nonintervention May Leave Mainstream Economists Unimpressed
FEBRUARY 01, 2003