Bertel Sparks

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Why Not Slavery?

Heavy Taxation Should Be Understood as Partial Slavery
NOVEMBER 01, 1996


Trial by Jury vs. Trial by Judge

Juries Help to Preserve Human Liberty, Individual Dignity, and a Free Society
OCTOBER 01, 1995


A Legal System for a Free Society

MARCH 01, 1983


How Many Servants Can You Afford?

OCTOBER 01, 1976

Let's keep the market open to anyone who wishes to serve himself by serving others.


Caveat Emptor: The Consumer's Badge of Authority

JUNE 01, 1975

With that badge the consumer can dictate what goods will be produced, in what quantities, and at what prices.


Is Escape from the Poverty Trap Possible?

OCTOBER 01, 1973

The blessings of freedom are possible to those not bound by the burdens and temptations of the welfare state.


The Role of a Conservative

SEPTEMBER 01, 1970

How the "liberals" and "conservatives" seem to switch positions on matters of the market.


Freedom IS Responsibility

SEPTEMBER 01, 1969

Not the guaranteed life, but self-responsibility - that is freedom!


Why Have an Electoral College?

APRIL 01, 1969

Can we honestly say that we're now prepared to write a better Constitution than the Founding Fathers did?