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B.K. Marcus Managing Editor, The Freeman

B.K. Marcus is managing editor of The Freeman.

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Anything Peaceful

"Generation Selfie": Libertarian Girl on Selfies and Ourselves

Libertarian Girl on the deeper meaning of social media
APRIL 27, 2015

"Social media is a massive global example of the freest market we have."

Anything Peaceful

Is the "Austrian School" a Lie?

Is Austrian economics an American invention?
APRIL 21, 2015

Are "Austrian" economists really part of the tradition of Menger and Mises?

Anything Peaceful

Did Lincoln Understand History?

And did his assassin?
APRIL 15, 2015

History isn't a Manichean struggle, but the belief that it is has altered its course in many strange and tragic ways.


#49 – “People Love the Robin Hood Story Because He Took from the Rich to Give to the Poor”

MARCH 20, 2015

Generations have grown up with a heroic ideal of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. Only those who are particularly wary of an apparently "progressive" message in the legend take exception.


Armed and Black

The history of African-American self-defense
FEBRUARY 03, 2015

A lot of people believe that blacks march in lockstep behind calls for gun control. But while the civil rights movement largely was about nonviolent resistance, many blacks exercised a legitimate right of self-defense. Many still do today.


Too Dumb for Democracy?

Global ignorance vs. local knowledge
NOVEMBER 17, 2014

Mass ignorance about an increasingly complex world is a fact of life. And yet we're all supposed to make decisions on matters about which we know little to nothing. It's called democracy.


Learning to Love the Low Road

Economic theory teaches us to see beauty where others see only ugliness
OCTOBER 29, 2014

When you become aware of the critical importance of capital equipment to the creation of wealth, the industrial zones can become beautiful.


Hayek’s “Rejuvenating Event”

How the Austrian economist’s Nobel Prize changed the world
OCTOBER 09, 2014

Despite everything wrong with the Nobel Prize in Economics, it brought F.A. Hayek's work back to life.


Why Libertarians Wanted Scotland to Secede

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014

No matter what political ideology drives an independence movement, real independence for a small political territory requires smaller government to survive.


Class War in the Time of Robin Hood

JUNE 16, 2014

The Robin Hood legend originated as a story about political, not economic, oppression.


Proud Little Englander

Words from Victorian England continue to haunt advocates of freedom and peace
APRIL 21, 2014

In letting our opponents redefine the terms of the debate, we have allowed ourselves to descend to the position where we constantly have to explain what we don't mean.


Check Your History

MARCH 11, 2014

Those who use the word "privilege" as a bludgeon don't understand the word's history any better than they do the complexity of power dynamics.


Black Death and Taxes

They had more to do with each other than you might think
NOVEMBER 25, 2013

The plague and the Little Ice Age didn't do Europe any favors. But the excesses of the State amplified the damage.


TV’s Third Golden Age

Programming quality is inversely proportional to regulatory meddling
OCTOBER 09, 2013

Television's new golden age puts consumers in control, rather than the government or the networks.


Lady Liberty: An Unauthorized Biography

The story of America’s most famous statue is more than a little libertarian
AUGUST 20, 2013

We hear that the Statue of Liberty was the gift of "the French people" to "the American people." Grammar-school civics aside, though, individuals from all walks of life wound up funding the statue voluntarily, without State funding or coercion.


Putting Hedy Lamarr on Hold

Why Did It Take So Long for the World to Go Wireless?
AUGUST 01, 2013

The story of the wireless revolution begins before World War II. It took an extra couple of decades to come about because the inventors dedicated themselves to the State.


Worshipping the Wrong Goddess

Democracy and Liberty Don't Necessarily Go Together
JULY 22, 2013

The Chinese students crushed in Tiananmen Square had the same division as American revolutionaries: Some wanted freedom from coercive government, while others simply wanted to take their rulers' seats.


Did Capitalism Give Us the Laugh Track?

MAY 30, 2013

Television shows full of bad jokes written for laugh tracks instead of people seem like proof that the market caters to the lowest common denominator. A closer look at the history of the laugh track tells a different story.


Why Rhett Butler’s Weed Is So Strong

APRIL 23, 2013

Prohibition has driven the development of ever-stronger drugs, whereas a free market would see a proliferation of lighter options.