Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and the author of a number of books on economics and politics. He writes regularly on military non-interventionism.

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Going Postal, Again

The USPS is in the red for the eighth straight year
MARCH 02, 2015

After eight years of losses, why is there a government postal monopoly?


No More Bricks in the Wall

For decades, the Berlin Wall imprisoned a people — then something amazing happened
NOVEMBER 10, 2014

For years, the people of the East cowered behind the Iron Curtain. The Berlin Wall was its menacing front line. Then, in an instant, it was all swept away.


Living the Easy Life

Most Westerners don’t know how good they have it
OCTOBER 20, 2014

A recent trip to Egypt left this Westerner thankful for what he left behind, despite the problems.


The Liberty to Leave

Secession is a right, despite slavery’s blight and the Civil War
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

Slavery has tainted the idea of secession, just as it erroneously defines the Civil War for too many people.


Movement on the Rise?

It’s about time. We’ve tried everything else.
AUGUST 14, 2014

The libertarian moment has not arrived--it has to be seized. Every alternative has already failed, but statists keep doubling down on them.


Back in Iraq?

Foreign policy déja vù all over again
JULY 28, 2014

Nation-building didn't work the last time the United States invaded Iraq and it won't work now.


A Titan Falls

Politicians Befriend Big Business, Undermine Free Market
JULY 16, 2014

Elections might make headlines, but they rarely make a dent in the corporate welfare handed out by politicians.


Tax Exiles Flee America

Entrepreneurs are high-tailing it out of the United States, and it’s the politicians’ fault
JUNE 09, 2014

More and more wealthy people are leaving the United States. Both parties need to stop trying to punish this behavior.


The Progressive Income Tax

Backed by the envious, used by the greedy
APRIL 22, 2014

Social engineers and beneficiaries of largesse like the progressive income tax. But everyone else gets stuck with a system that is inefficient, unfair, and morally dubious.


Nigeria’s Moment

A visit to a West African nation reveals tragic failure, yet great potential
MARCH 24, 2014

Nigeria is full of ambitious, industrious people held back by State corruption and violent internal divisions.


Save the Elephants: Sell Ivory

The market can seem cold and calculating, but it may be the best hope for superstar megafauna
FEBRUARY 21, 2014

Only the free market can solve the problem of elephant poaching.


The Tyranny of Good Intentions

Politicians Waste Money, and Sometimes Kill People, With Kindness
FEBRUARY 07, 2014

Few people in politics fail to claim to be acting for the public good. But good intentions are never enough. Consequences are critical.


Not Since 1946

Uncle Sam is bankrupt, but Washington says, "What, me worry?"
JANUARY 17, 2014

Congressional Budget Office reports might be boring. But if you look at them closely, you'll see that the nation is headed for financial ruin.


Get Rid of the TSA

Make Americans safer by letting airports handle airport security
JANUARY 02, 2014

The TSA is good only at bureaucracy, not safety. It's past time to reverse one of the biggest post-9/11 blunders and put security in the hands of private actors.


Essentially Meaningless

How much of what the government does is actually essential?
OCTOBER 18, 2013

We heard that the government was shut down, but apparently, more than eight of 10 of its operations were too essential to close. Really?


Corruption Fertilizer

What Is Foreign Aid For? Nothing Good in Egypt
AUGUST 12, 2013

Foreign aid generally hasn't done much good for democracy, prosperity, or U.S. leverage. In Egypt's case, about the only people it has ever helped are the generals who just pulled another coup.


Wonk Licensing

Time for Washington to Create a Policy Support Program
JULY 11, 2013

Washington is awash in bad policy, but only Washington can institute the kind of licensing-and-subsidy regime that could solve the problem for good.


Whose Folly? Whose Goodies?

JUNE 18, 2013

Washington insiders' complaints about the sequester show just how little they've learned from the fiscal mess they created.


Scarcity as Incentive: Making Do with Less in Dubai

MAY 27, 2013

Dubai has no oil, but plenty of money. It's another example of how innovation, in this case driven by scarcity, creates wealth.


Why Is There a Dole for Farmers?

APRIL 26, 2013

Farm welfare takes money from some hardworking Americans to give to other hardworking Americans with more romantic-sounding jobs. This system makes no sense, especially when Washington is already broke.

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