Edward P. Coleson

Edward P. Coleson

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Christian Principles and Public Policy

FEBRUARY 01, 1979

Sound national policy rests upon high moral principlesand common sense.


The Spirit of '46

NOVEMBER 01, 1976

History reminds us that constructive change is possible at a time of economic and political turmoil.


The Reformation and Economic Development Today

JUNE 01, 1973

A study of the record of industrial development from a Christian point of view.


Creeping Capitalism: Is Free Enterprise Coming Back?

OCTOBER 01, 1972

Examining present prospects for a renewal of freedom as a parallel to Britain's rejection of mercantilism in the century after Adam Smith.


When Men Appeal from Tyranny to God

JUNE 01, 1972

A bicentennial for the men behind the freeing of slaves in England.


Free Enterprise, Peace and Plenty

JUNE 01, 1970

Malthusian problems seem to multiply in proportion as we return to mercantilism and other protectionist policies.


Freedom: "The Wave of the Future"?

MAY 01, 1968

The history of great movements, from the planting of an idea until its flowering as a major force among men, suggests that around the next corner may be the age of freedom.


The Post Mortem on the Lister Centennial

AUGUST 01, 1967

Speaking of anniversaries, Professor Coleson recalls a few that many of us have forgotten and reminds us of others free men should cherish.


Economic Development of Emerging Nations

MAY 01, 1967

Dr. Edward Coleson of Spring Arbor College shares his experiences and deep reflections on the "Economic Development of Emerging Nations."


The Frontier is Freedom

MARCH 01, 1965


Lets Wreck the Gray Train

OCTOBER 01, 1962


Rats, Fleas and Falacies

JANUARY 01, 1961


Scientific Free Enterprise

APRIL 01, 1960


The Complex World of Claudius Ptolemy

APRIL 01, 1959

A study in reasoning, developed to help science students understand the political economy.