Morris C. Shumiatcher

Morris C. Shumiatcher

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Needed: A National Nucleus

SEPTEMBER 01, 1977

Upon the influence and good works of just men depends the future of the world.


The Insecurity of Security

AUGUST 01, 1975

How welfarism breeds inflation and destroys an economy.


Welfare Fifty Years Hence

MARCH 01, 1974

The pendulum will swing back toward individual responsibility and freedom.


Status: End Product of Welfare

MAY 01, 1972

A review of a century of welfarism among the Indians of Canada, with lessons for all of us who may be tempted onto that backward path to a feudal society.


A Democratic Dilemma

DECEMBER 01, 1969

A cogent analysis of the weakness of opinion polls to find right answers to complex economic and political problems.