Nathan Smith is a professor of economics and finance at Fresno Pacific University, and the author of Principles of a Free Society and Complexity, Competition, and Growth. He blogs at Open Borders: The Case (

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Why and how we should seek to restore a free market in land

MARCH 18, 2014

Zoning laws bring ordinary people into contact with government perversity. A free land market would improve our wealth, well-being, and environment.


Privatize Social Security and the economy will roar back

NOVEMBER 04, 2013

Privatizing Social Security is a good idea long term. But even in the short term, it could get the United States out of the liquidity trap while giving each and every American an ownership stake in the means of production.


OCTOBER 08, 2013

The 1950s and 1960s have often been invoked as a "Golden Age." But the suburban idyll of this time can be attributed to the laissez-faire capitalism of the Gilded Age.


OCTOBER 07, 2013

In the Gilded Age, socialism, communism, progressivism, fascism, the welfare state, migration control, and other bad ideas were still young and relatively weak. The result was a mighty wave of betterment of the human condition whose momentum carried it well into the twentieth century.


DECEMBER 11, 2012

Milton Friedman believed State-run schools strangled the productivity improvements to be had from competition; John Stuart Mill believed they strangled independence of thought. Both views have plenty of empirical support, says Nathan Smith.