William Henry Chamberlain

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If There Were No Capitalism

Capitalism Stimulates Revival and Progress
JANUARY 01, 2006

"If there were no God it would be necessary to invent Him." Thus the witty and skeptical Voltaire's phrase could also be applied to the economic system known as capitalism.


Some Mistakes of Marx

JANUARY 01, 1982


A Capitalist Manifesto

JUNE 01, 1969

The proven superiority of capitalism in solving the problems envisioned by Marx should bring forth a new manifesto.


The Failing Dynamo

MAY 01, 1969

West German and British experiences Americans could well heed.


Our Totalitarian Radicals

APRIL 01, 1969

"A cow is a very good animal in a field; but you do not turn her into a garden."


Hands Off Southern Africa

MARCH 01, 1969

By what right does the U. S. Government pretend to solve the racial problems of other nations?


The Collective Guilt Myth

JANUARY 01, 1969

Blaming everyone else for the faults and failures of an individual is unlikely to improve the social climate.


Some Lessons of Rhodesia

JULY 01, 1968

Peace and prosperity seem to depend far more on domestic law and order than on international sanctions and other meddling.


Making Travel a Crime

MAY 01, 1968

A government that can deny a peaceful citizen's freedom to move is well along toward absolute tyranny.


Liberty and Property: One and Inseparable

JANUARY 01, 1968

William Henry Chamberlin examines the vital link between liberty and property and shows that one is meaningless without the other.


Communism After Fifty Years

AUGUST 01, 1967

The fiftieth anniversary of communism in Russia affords William Henry Chamberlin an opportunity for appraisal that should be of interest to anyone who still has a choice.


In Memoriam: Konrad Adenauer

JULY 01, 1967

To bring forth the best from one's fellow men is the quality of leadership William Henry Chamberlin would have us learn from the late Konrad Adenauer.


The Gap Between Earning and Receiving

APRIL 01, 1967

But, as William Henry Chamberlin readily perceives, not all such bungling is foreign; we have our own widening "public sector" - at public expense.


Men, Not Money, Will Overcome Poverty

MARCH 01, 1967

Nor does author-journalist William Henry Chamberlin expect any alleviation of poverty from the political juggling of funds by persons isolated from the problem.


Bureaucratic Blight

JANUARY 01, 1967

Give us relief, pleads William Henry Chamberlin, from the "multitude of New Offices [and] swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."


Constitutions Should Say No

JULY 01, 1966

The vital function of a Constitution is to place limits on the power of government, says William Henry Chamberlin, and the function of citizens is to know why.


Socialism by Seduction

JUNE 01, 1966

The seductive lure of government intervention, however, continues to blind citizens to the inevitable accompanying controls, finds William Henry Chamberlin.


The Cure of Poverty

FEBRUARY 01, 1966

William Henry Chamberlin concludes that there is no reliable substitute for individual effort as a cure for poverty.


State Economic Planning: Tragedy or Futility

JANUARY 01, 1966

William Henry Chamberlin, an eyewitness to Stalin's famine in 1932-33, points out that central government planning fails miserably wherever tried.


Germans Vote for Economic Freedom

DECEMBER 01, 1965
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