EDIT: This contest is over. See the winners of the contest here.

Attention all domestic and international High School & College students!

FEE is offering cash prizes to the top three student-produced YouTube videos based on this essay about the Great Depression. Here are the rules, which you should feel free to forward to anyone:

“Great Myths of the Great Depression” Video Contest

1.     Maximum length of a video: 8 minutes. No minimum length, though the shorter a video the better chance of more views on YouTube. It should be concise, in good taste and visually appealing. Must be in English.

2.     Video must explicitly mention FEE and the essay the video is based on, though other sources may certainly be used as well, if properly cited.

3.     Video may be a synopsis or the entire essay or it may focus on one or more particular aspects of the Depression. It doesn’t matter which of these two possible courses a student may choose to pursue.

4.     Description section must include link to, the “Great Myths” essay on the FEE website, as well as a link to the FEE Facebook page.

5.     Video must have active hyperlink to FEE’s website.

6.     Multiple people may be involved in the production of a video though only one person will receive payment if selected as a winner.

7.     Video must not be political in any way, i.e., favor a particular candidate for election, or bill before congress.

8.     Infringements of copyright will disqualify a video. Please cite all sources and use other elements legally.

9.     Participating students must be between the ages of 14 and 24 or otherwise a full-time student in high school or undergraduate college/university.  Winners will be asked for proof of age.

Deadline for submission of YouTube link is midnight, January 15, 2012 EST. Students are to notify us of their posting on YouTube, via e-mail to by including: first and last name, phone number, e-mail address and link. Questions about the contest not answered here should be sent to that same address.

Judging by a panel of experts selected by FEE will begin February 15th after each entrant has had a full month to promote his or her video. Winners will be announced in the month of April.

Each video will be judged by the following criteria:

·      Qualitative assessment by FEE judges–how effectively and creatively it conveys the major points and message of the essay. In other words, “Is this persuasive? How well does this video keep its audience, educate and inspire them?” – 75% weight.

These additional criteria will be given a combined weight of 25%:

·      Number of hits on YouTube;
·      Number of “Likes”;
·      Number of comments;
·      Number of favorites.

First Prize: $1,500

Second Prize: $1,000

Third Prize: $500

Honorable Mentions if appropriate.

Thanks and Good Luck!



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