Austrian Economics

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Mises: The Original Freakonomist
The Austrians were the first to recognize human action as the subject of economics

Economics is not confined to the "commercial" side of life; it is the science of every kind of human action.

Anything Peaceful

Is the "Austrian School" a Lie?
Is Austrian economics an American invention?

Are "Austrian" economists really part of the tradition of Menger and Mises?

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An Austrian Economist in France Speaks Out
An interview with Pascal Salin

Most people in France believe market deficiencies cause crises like those of 2008. But people like Pascal Salin are providing an antidote in Austrian business cycle theory.

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Competition in the Marketplace of Libertarian Ideas
Reflections on the International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC)

There is no better example of voluntary, peaceful cooperation than what I saw at ISFLC.

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Down and Out in the Middle-Class Economy
The truth about growth, recovery, and unemployment

The president's claims notwithstanding, we are living in the worst period in the 50 years of our federally managed economy.

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Ronald Reagan's Free-Market Mentors

Have you ever gone back and revisited or recalled the books or mentors who shaped your political or philosophical thinking?

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3 Myths about “Tax Reform”
How both Left and Right get it wrong

Liberals and conservatives alike fall for the three biggest taxation myths.

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The Crowding-Out Tipping Point
Increasing economic growth means shrinking government

Bigger government means slower economic growth. Has the United States reached the tipping point for economic decline?

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Hasta La Victoria Siempre
Reflections on Cuba in a time of change

Cuba is still waiting for victory. Recent events prompt reflections from a professor who has seen it all firsthand, and maybe even met folks who will see the country to better times.


Economics of Political Power

If you're interested in the impact political institutions have on the poorest and most disadvantaged in society, FEE's Economics of Political Power seminar is for you.

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