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On the Centennial of the Birth of a Giant
John James Cowperthwaite (April 25, 1915–January 21, 2006)

I suggest April 25 as Cowperthwaite Day, to be observed on every continent by men and women who revere the blessings of a free economy and the courage of those who work to put it in practice.

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The World Is Bigger than You Think
Resources are an economic, not physical, phenomenon

"Natural" resources are not fixed because resources are not found in nature – they are created by the human mind.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Libertarians
How to sustain a lasting passion for liberty

The cause of liberty is worth our lifelong efforts.

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How Does Paris Get Fed?
Answering the central question of economics

Frédéric Bastiat, the great 19th-century economic journalist, famously asked, "How does Paris get fed?" In a nutshell, I think that's the central question of economics.

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Picking Piketty Apart
The superstar French economist tortures the data to fit his narrative

The theory and data behind Capital in the Twenty-First Century are steadily being picked apart.

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#50 – “Greedy Capitalists Take Advantage of People in Natural Disasters; Price Controls Are the Answer”

The interpretation of post-disaster price hikes as "price gouging" is as unfortunate as it is mistaken.

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The Silk Road Back to Leviathan?
Does Dread Pirate Roberts’s fate destroy the dream of justice without the state?

In evaluating stateless experiments like Silk Road, we have to ask, "As compared with what?" Certainly not an ideal. Try comparing Ross Ulbricht with Richard Nixon in Indochina.

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Trading with “The Other”
Can mutual benefit overcome racism?

Imagine our shock when we learned that the landlord didn't want to rent to us because of our race.

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Oil Boom and Government Glut
The government buys 5 million barrels of oil for its stockpile

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Are Markets Myopic?
The illusion of government looking out for the long term

Markets contain sophisticated mechanisms for rewarding long-term stewardship; democratic political institutions encourage extremely short-term thinking.

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