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Anything Peaceful

Anthem and the Meaning of the Light Bulb Ban
Humanity hangs the light bulb

If there is something that we like, that makes our lives lovely -- something as simple as a light bulb -- you can bet it is being targeted for destruction.

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On the Centennial of the Birth of a Giant
John James Cowperthwaite (April 25, 1915–January 21, 2006)

I suggest April 25 as Cowperthwaite Day, to be observed on every continent by men and women who revere the blessings of a free economy and the courage of those who work to put it in practice.

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#48 – “Resource-Poor Countries Need Strong Central Planning to Develop”

Hong Kong's success is an intellectual embarrassment to the progressive ideology.

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The Oppression of Expression
The connection between language and liberty is profound

Mark Dunn's Ella Minnow Pea reminds us how vital is the connection between language and liberty.

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How the Education System Destroys Social Networks
Why do we settle for such an unnatural, inorganic plan?

We have grown accustomed to a series of episodic upheavals that are a consequence of a centrally planned education system.

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8 Goofs in Jonathan Gruber’s Health Care Reform Book
This Obamacare architect’s propaganda piece is a comic of errors

A piece of pre-Obamacare propaganda reveals the extent of the errors and distortions that fueled the debate and helped get the monstrous legislation passed.

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The Pretense of the State of the Union
There are no masters at the top who know what’s best for everyone

Are we really being asked to believe that the American people as a whole have a spirit, and that the president is somehow magically ordained to know its height?

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Mojitos in Havana?
Free movement of people and products will help liberate Cuba

Many Cuban Americans still carry grudges from the Castro regime. But 55 years on, warming relations can only be a boon for both Americans and our nearest island neighbors.

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What About the Unelected?

The end of the deep state will happen in an indirect way, through technological innovation, noncompliance, and creativity.

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GDP Economics: Fat or Muscle?
GDP calculations say count your hookers and drugs, then skip the gym

Changing how productivity is measured does not increase productivity.

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