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Speaking Truth to Power
Real Heroes: Jimmy Lai

Jimmy Lai is precisely the sort of individual that John James Cowperthwaite had in mind when he decided that entrepreneurs, not central planners, should drive an economy.

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The Creative Destruction of New York in 47 Seconds
On Earth Day, celebrate one of humanity's greatest triumphs

New York is one of the greatest achievements of human cooperation, but thanks to government bureaucrats, it's being frozen in time.

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What Does Peter Thiel Think About Startup Cities?
He offers an tantalizing hint for the right investment proposal

'If we could reopen the frontier in geopolitical terms, this would be terrific. But...'

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Anthem and the Meaning of the Light Bulb Ban
Humanity hangs the light bulb

If there is something that we like, that makes our lives lovely -- something as simple as a light bulb -- you can bet it is being targeted for destruction.

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Profiles in Exceptionalism: Richard Branson
One part Steve Jobs, one part Rodney Dangerfield

Branson has changed the world, and it obviously rocks.

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Reasons to Be (Rationally) Optimistic about the Future
Matt Ridley argues that most things for most people are getting a lot better

Human achievement has reached unprecedented heights, and we ain't seen nothing yet.

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Dentist Attacked for Charging Too Little
In Arkansas, it's illegal for orthodontists to clean teeth

Crony licensing boards are driving up the cost of dental care by banning licensed specialists from doing dental work.

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Freedom: There’s an App for That
Mobile, peer-to-peer tech makes us freer, safer, and happier

Eight great apps to navigate you out of Leviathan.

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The World Is Bigger than You Think
Resources are an economic, not physical, phenomenon

"Natural" resources are not fixed because resources are not found in nature – they are created by the human mind.

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Microcultures of Consumerism: The Blenders
The invisible hand and the Vitamix

The flourishing blender market is a microcosm of the diversity and complexity of the extended social order.

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