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Dentist Attacked for Charging Too Little
In Arkansas, it's illegal for orthodontists to clean teeth

Crony licensing boards are driving up the cost of dental care by banning licensed specialists from doing dental work.

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Krugman: Social Security Is "Where Government Excels"
Progressives want to make a bloated and bankrupt system even worse

If Social Security is a government success, what does failure look like?

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Why Do Unions Care about Your Paid Sick Time?
Hint: it's about their interests, not yours

Mandatory sick leave raises the cost of non-union labor, making unions seem better by comparison.

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Can the IRS Rewrite Obamacare?
The latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act might let them

Does the law mean what it says, or what bureaucrats want it to mean?

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Buffaloed by Hidden Taxes
Obamacare’s costs are starting to show

All too many Americans are buffaloed by the hidden tax and regulatory costs that everyone pays.

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8 Goofs in Jonathan Gruber’s Health Care Reform Book
This Obamacare architect’s propaganda piece is a comic of errors

A piece of pre-Obamacare propaganda reveals the extent of the errors and distortions that fueled the debate and helped get the monstrous legislation passed.

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Let Us Die in Peace
End-of-life care in America is a scam

The state wants to keep you "alive" until the money runs out. A compassionate society would let us die in peace.

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Eating Right
Your freedom to choose your food is sacred

If you are what you eat, then food laws are an attempt to control your identity.

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Jonathan Gruber’s Big, Benevolent Fraud
Obamacare, the noble lie, and cognitive dissonance at MIT

If the ACA benefits Americans, why did it need to be misrepresented?


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