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The World Is Bigger than You Think
Resources are an economic, not physical, phenomenon

"Natural" resources are not fixed because resources are not found in nature – they are created by the human mind.

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Why Do Unions Care about Your Paid Sick Time?
Hint: it's about their interests, not yours

Mandatory sick leave raises the cost of non-union labor, making unions seem better by comparison.

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Freedom of Disassociation: Indiana Edition
Repugnance does not justify state coercion

Whether it's repugnance at people's religious beliefs or repugnance at the thought of two people of the same sex being married, such an emotion does not suffice to trump fundamental freedoms.

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Bureaucracy Unlimited
“Enforcement creep” frees government to grow unchecked

Big government has found a way to legislate without law by shaking down companies.

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Effecting Change Outside the Law
4 things more important than the written code

The written law barely matters. Human action dwarfs inanimate words.

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What a Principled Social Movement Looks Like
“Libertarian was their counter-culture; it contained multitudes”

The new libertarianism is neither left nor right but its own thing: a maturation of the classical-liberal conviction that society can be built without dependency on the state.

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Down and Out in the Middle-Class Economy
The truth about growth, recovery, and unemployment

The president's claims notwithstanding, we are living in the worst period in the 50 years of our federally managed economy.

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5 Reasons Progressives Should Support Economic Freedom
Freer economies are wealthier, healthier, and more liberating

The overall effect of capitalism is not exploitation but liberation.

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Kickstarting It Old School
Crowdfunding may seem new, but it has a long history

Peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms represent the first steps in restoring American finance's innovative spirit.


Economics of Personal Health & Nutrition

You've never thought about health and nutrition like this before. At FEE's Economics of Personal Health and Nutrition seminar, you'll explore how economic thinking can help you make better decisions about your personal diet and how economic ideas impact the food you (and others) eat.

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