Private Property

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Darth Vader and the Contracts Clause
The Empire fell for want of judicially enforceable contracts

A government that can renege on its contracts not only tramples the rights of the people, but ultimately harms itself.

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10 Questions about Conscious Machines
How will we handle the rights of AI?

What happens to our institutions when the machines wake up?

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"Czars" No More: State Bans Policing for Profit
New Mexico becomes the first to abolish civil asset forfeiture

New Mexicans score a big win for property rights and the rule of law.

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Steal Our Stuff, Please
Permission is hereby granted to reprint these essays in whole or in part

Leonard Read took the lessons of entrepreneurship with him when he started his ideological venture.


Communicating Liberty: Influencing Your Community

If you have been inspired by the freedom philosophy and now want to become an great communicator of its ideas, this is the program for you!

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#16 - Ownership Must Be Tempered by Sharing

A person has an incentive to care for what they own, but take away ownership and the incentive disappears.


Social Cooperation and the Marketplace

The social cooperation that results from the information and incentives communicated through the market is not perfect. But no other economic system comes remotely close to the market in allowing people to achieve their objectives in productive cooperation with each other. (8:44 minutes)


Private Property and Oppurtunity Costs

Markets promote the general interest by revealing costs while governments commonly favor special interest by concealing those costs. In this podcast, Dwight Lee discusses opportunity costs by introducing the critical role of private property. Private property lies at the foundation of market economies because without private property, and the exchange it fosters, people would be unable to consider the full costs of their decisions. (8:22 minutes)

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Property Rights Aren’t Always the Libertarian Solution
Between State and market.

Does the theory of externalities mean the air must be privatized?

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Handbook on Contemporary Austrian Economics
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