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Supreme Court to DoJ: Fourth Amendment Is Not a "Useless Piece of Paper"
A big win for personal liberty and the Bill of Rights

Any intrusion upon your liberty without a rational, evidence-based reason is unconstitutional.

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Should the Government Kill?
Is the death penalty compatible with limited government?

Even if some people deserve to die, should we trust the state to decide?

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15 Supreme Court Decisions that Shredded the Constitution
When the Court traded law and liberty for political expediency

From Slaughter-House to Obamacare, the Supreme Court has often abdicated its responsibility to limit state power.

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Dentist Attacked for Charging Too Little
In Arkansas, it's illegal for orthodontists to clean teeth

Crony licensing boards are driving up the cost of dental care by banning licensed specialists from doing dental work.

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Darth Vader and the Contracts Clause
The Empire fell for want of judicially enforceable contracts

A government that can renege on its contracts not only tramples the rights of the people, but ultimately harms itself.

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Can Bitcoin Feed a Family?
How digital cryptocurrency is bypassing bad institutions

Bitcoin gives the world's poor easy access to cheap payments, safe storeage, and instantaneous transfers around the globe.

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"Czars" No More: State Bans Policing for Profit
New Mexico becomes the first to abolish civil asset forfeiture

New Mexicans score a big win for property rights and the rule of law.

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Hillary Clinton and the Freedom of the Ancients
Individual liberty, not political power, is the path to a better life

Getting someone who shares your identity into power will do nothing to improve your life.

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“Liberal” Writer: The Supreme Court "Has Got to Go"
Petulant progs want to abolish the last check on government

Progressives think the Supreme Court is a giant roadblock to government action; nothing could be further from the truth.

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How Does Paris Get Fed?
Answering the central question of economics

Frédéric Bastiat, the great 19th-century economic journalist, famously asked, "How does Paris get fed?" In a nutshell, I think that's the central question of economics.

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