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15 Supreme Court Decisions that Shredded the Constitution
When the Court traded law and liberty for political expediency

From Slaughter-House to Obamacare, the Supreme Court has often abdicated its responsibility to limit state power.

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Unemployment Benefits: The Government Gets What It Pays For
Have the perverse incentives been proved?

The surprisingly robust growth in the US economy in 2014 may have been due to the late 2013 decision by Congress to cease extensions of unemployment benefits. When the federal government stopped sending checks to people who remained unemployed, more of them found work.

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Buffaloed by Hidden Taxes
Obamacare’s costs are starting to show

All too many Americans are buffaloed by the hidden tax and regulatory costs that everyone pays.

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Freedom and Whisky Go Together
Scottish secession is not about liberalization—yet

Scottish secession is not about liberalization per se, but an independent Scotland might have to rediscover Adam Smith.

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Reclassifying a Classic
A Christmas Carol Does Not Support a Welfare State

A Christmas Carol remains a compelling story. But where it looks for salvation might surprise those who assume Dickens set out simply to indict business.

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Warnings from the Wise about the Welfare State

Say what you want about the welfare State, but you can't say we weren't warned.

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Frédéric Bastiat on Legal Plunder

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Market, State, and Autonomy
Who is the true liberal?

If the alternative we face is between grappling with market forces and trusting a ruling elite, anyone concerned with autonomy and equality should choose the market.

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Cleaning Up After the Elephants (and Donkeys)
Rigging the policy debate.

The politicians and bureaucrats have made a royal mess of things--and genuine liberals are faulted for not being able to clean it up tidily with the wave of a hand.

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FEE's Take on Mayor Bloomberg's Supersized Soda Policy
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