For over 50 years, FEE has educated more than 10,000 students on the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society at our summer seminars. FEE alumni have become prominent leaders and change-makers worldwide.

Why should you apply?

Our seminars are high quality educational experiences that bring together some of the top minds and some of the brightest students for three days of lectures, discussions, and activities that will challenge you, build your network, and equip you with valuable information for your studies and future career.

What will you learn?

Each introductory seminar is designed to help you see the world more clearly. You will learn how to ask the right questions, see the big picture, and most importantly, be part of the change to make the world better. Each seminar covers:

• Economics – Why do people make the decisions they do? What are the benefits of cooperating in society?

• Politics – Why do politicians, voters, and special interest groups act the way they do?

• Character-Driven Leadership – Why are character, entrepreneurship, and free markets so important for human flourishing?

Who should apply?

We seek high school and college-aged students who are intellectually curious and open to new ideas. We encourage people of all interests, majors, and backgrounds to apply. Our seminars are designed for students brand-new to these ideas, and who haven't yet attended a FEE seminar.

Where are the seminars?
Our seminars take place on six different college campuses across the U.S. 2014 locations are below.

St. Edward's University - Austin, TX

Chapman University - Orange, CA

Colorado School of Mines - Golden, CO

Berry College - Rome, GA

Agnes Scott College - Decatur, GA

Calvin College - Grand Rapids, MI

What is the cost?
All accepted participants receive a full scholarship for tuition, room, and meals. All you have to do is get to the seminar, and we will take care of you while you are there (limited number of travel scholarships available). We'll even have some free books and other materials to give away!

Where do I apply?
If you are interested in a High School Seminar, you can apply here.
If you are interested in a College Seminar, you can apply here.

Have other questions? Visit our FAQ pages for both High School and College Seminars.

Spring Seminars

FEE has joined forces with the Moving Picture Institute (MPI) and Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism to put together two exciting, new Spring Seminars!
Learn more about them here.

Summer Seminars Testimonials

"At FEE, I was first exposed to ideas that would inspire the rest of my time in university, and eventually my career." - Zachary Caceres

"[I really enjoyed this] opportunity to learn about not only what is happening in America, but throughout the world. FEE's goal is to 'inspire, educate, and connect' and I'm proud to say it has achieved all that and more with me." - Jeanette H.

"This seminar has provided me with the knowledge necessary to educate my peers and support an educated, non-biased argument for free market economics." - Santana W.

Read what other students had to say about our summer seminars.


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