Bastiat for Younguns

There’s a new children’s book about The Law

MAY 08, 2014 by THE FREEMAN

Connor Boyack has joined forces with illustrator Elijah Stanfield to create a children’s book about Frederic Bastiat’s The Law. It’s called The Tuttle Twins Learn about The Law.

The Tuttle Twins—a brother and a sister—are curious about life and the world. Luckily they have a wise older neighbor, Fred, who can drop some wisdom about morality and the role of government.

Channeling the ideas of Bastiat himself, Boyack uses Fred to offer the twins—and young readers—precious nuggets like, “In many cases, the bad guys can become part of the government!” Not to mention, “Bad guys in government don’t wear capes or look like villains,” Fred said. “They look normal and say things that a lot of people like,” he explained.

Fred goes on to describe the familiar processes of legal plunder.

Readers will find that the authors play up Bastiat’s theological justification for rights. But any fans of The Law, secular or religious, will find the book does justice to Bastiat’s ideas.

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