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No Vans Land


Honest Enterprise, a new advocacy and journalism platform, has just launched with its first documentary, No Vans Land. It has Reason TV's Nick Gillespie, in his words, "psyched," and for good reason. 

No Vans Land tells the story of Hecktor Ricketts, a Jamaican immigrant who launched a "dollar van" service in Queens and Brooklyn and has been harassed almost constantly by New York City’s licensing and regulation bureaucracy for 20 years. 

"This is an excellent documentary from a new platform called Honest Enterprise, which will be showcasing stories of how rules and regulations hurt not just small business owners, but many of the poorest Americans," Gillespie wrote.

Ricketts' service helps commuters, health-care workers and more fill the gaps left by New York's MTA and its taxi and car-service cartels. The Institute for Justice has been on the case and set Honest Enterprise on the case as well. 

Honest Enterprise itself is a unique, exciting new platform. It’s going to keep producing documentaries like No Vans Land on a regular basis, supplementing the documentaries with additional press materials. 

Gillespie focuses on this new type of journalism, advocated by Jack Shaefer of Reuters (and formerly ofSlate). "This is journalism that is serious even though its creators take a side in a given issue. The goal is to persuade, not to dogmatize people into agreement," Gillespie writes. 

Check out the documentary atHonest Enterpriseand read Gillespie's take at Reason.com.

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