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Breathtaking Lawlessness

The Supreme Court has restrained the executive branch—for now

JULY 09, 2014 by IAIN MURRAY

The Supreme Court just barely held back executive-branch overreach. But the instinct to acquire more power isn't going anywhere.

Finance for the People

Peer-to-peer finance is democratizing access to capital

JUNE 18, 2014 by IAIN MURRAY

Technology is helping startups overcome financial barriers that would have scuttled new businesses just a few years back. Now it's the regulators who are in the way.


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July/August 2014

The United States' corporate tax burden is the highest in the world, but innovators will always find a way to duck away from Uncle Sam's reach. Doug Bandow explains how those with the means are renouncing their citizenship in increasing numbers, while J. Dayne Girard describes the innovative use of freeports to shield wealth from the myriad taxes and duties imposed on it as it moves around the world. Of course the politicians brand all of these people unpatriotic, hoping you won't think too hard about the difference between the usual crony-capitalist suspects and the global creative elite that have done so much to improve our lives. In a special tech section, Joseph Diedrich, Thomas Bogle, and Matthew McCaffrey look at various ways these innovators add value to our lives--even in ways they probably never expected.
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